What is the Beer Festival All About

There is more to a beer festival than just rounds of beer being served by tavern wenches in costumes. Such festivals are celebrations dedicated to beer, beer brewing and the making masters of this great drink. It is a chance for new brews to be unveiled and tasted by crowds before it is released in mass quantity.

This great drink festivals are also great ways to meet fellow drinkers alike and learn more about the history of your favorite brew. If you have never been to a festival before, then you are definitely missing out on a great adventure and the chance to learn more.

What is so alluring about such festivals? The fall is a huge time for these festivals to take place and areas around the country have their own versions of Octoberfest.

One of the greatest attracting factors when it comes to such festivals is that you get free beer. Sure you may have to pay an entrance fee but once you have the wrist band, the world of this great drink is yours for the tasting.

If you are looking for a beer festival near you or you simply want to find out if there is one being held in a particular month, then there is a website just for you. That website is “Beer Festivals” and it has links to festivals held each month. You also get the chance to check out destinations where you can see the masters of beer brewing hone their craft.

If you are in the mood for a great book that tells you all about Michigan breweries, then the website owner Paul Ruschmann has penned a novel all about Michigan breweries. It is definitely a must read for those who live in or near the state and want to experience all that great tasting drink has to offer.

Beer brewing is a science. It takes a lot of hard work and time. When you visit a beer festival you get the chance to taste what the brew masters have done. Check out the above website and find a time that is convenient for you. You may have to travel a bit but the journey will be well worth it to experience new blends of beers. You may be surprised and come home with a new favorite.