What is a Joss Stick?

What is a Joss Stick?
The joss stick is a type of incense that is burned to make a room smell good. It is usually burned
before a statue of a buddha, idol or Asian religious image 龙香. The heavenly deities also like to smell
it, so it is common to find them in shrines and temples. The word “joss” comes from Portuguese,
and it means god. It is typically burned before a buddha statue. However, joss sticks can also be
used to light fireworks or to improve the smell of a room.

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The production of joss sticks involves several steps. First, the bamboo sticks are immersed in
water. The wood powders are rolled onto them. Then, they are stacked and shaken to remove
the loose powders. This process is repeated until the desired length is achieved. The bamboo
sticks are then dried in the sun to dry. They are then dipped into incense stain to create the
desired size. These steps can be repeated until the sticks are the right size.
Most of the raw materials used in joss sticks were of poor quality, and were stored in homes near
kitchens and bedrooms. The smoke produced by the process of burning the sticks can
contaminate water and food, and most of the incense colors were unregulated and potentially
harmful. One study also found that no joss stick factory had a proper waste management
system. This is unfortunate as it has severely limited the production of the popular incense in

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Mr Tay’s efforts to get certified to teach joss stick making in schools has proved fruitless, and he
has not succeeded in his endeavor. He has found it difficult to train a large group of young
people in this trade, and his family’s interest in it did not help matters. As a result, he has turned
his attention to other avenues. While he can no longer apprentice, he continues to sell joss
The Chinese joss stick is one of the most common types of incense. It is large enough to stand
up as a building column. In addition to this, some of the most popular types of joss sticks in the
world are cylinders that have no bamboo core. Japanese and Indian joss sticks are more
common, but the two styles are not mutually exclusive. In fact, there is no definitive rule
regarding the type of incense used for worship.
The joss stick has many uses. It can be burned for aromatherapy purposes, and is commonly
used in Chinese temples. It is also used as a medium for prayer to ancestors, and is also used
as a form of incense in feng shui. Besides these traditional uses, it is also a common element in
fire crackers. While the joss stick is commonly used in many cultures, the countless uses of the
incense differ from culture to culture.